Core Group


Craig Rosenfeld, MD, Chief Executive Officer

  • During 20 years practice as a board-certified hematologist and oncologist, devised, conducted and led numerous clinical research protocols from preclinical research to FDA approval, resulting in close to 100 publications in peer reviewed journals and book publications
  • Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President of SuperGen, Inc. (2002-2004), responsible for directing the pivotal clinical trials leading to FDA approval of Dacogen
  • Director of Bone Marrow Transplant programs at the Western Pennsylvania Cancer Institute (1990-1994) and Medical City Dallas Hospital (1994-2001)

Kay Noel, PhD, Chief Operating Officer

Kay Noel.jpg
  • Over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical development, with 10 NDA approvals; extensive experience in portfolio development, in-licensing, and out-licensing
  • Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Oncoethix SA (sold to Merck)
  • Co-founder and Vice President, Business Development of Oncology Therapeutics Network (sold to Bristol-Myers Squibb)
  • Former Director, Healthcare Business, Cetus Corporation and Director, Biologics R&D, Abbott Laboratories

Ashley Bush, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

  • Professor of Pathology; Director, Oxidation Biology Unit; and NHMRC Australia Fellow at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Research focused on looking at how key proteins interact inappropriately with metals in the brain to cause oxidative stress in diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Actively working to develop disease modifying drugs for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as blood tests for these disorders
  • Authored over 310 publications, with over 22,000 citations, 24 patents and founded 4 biotechnology companies
  • Listed in the Thompson ISI list of The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2014 & 2015

Chris Hill, Chief Financial Officer

  • Chris Hill is Chief Financial Officer for Cthulhu Ventures LLC and for a number of the companies in which Cthulhu Ventures, CMD's founding investor, has invested, including, inter alia, the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
  • Over 20 years experience in finance and information systems management
  • Formerly Chief Financial Officer for Above Board Technologies; President & CEO of Modulus Guitars; and VP Finance for ViTel International, Inc.

 Ken Goldman, IP Counsel

  • Intellectual Property Counsel for Cthulhu Ventures LLC and for a for a number of companies in which Cthulhu Ventures, CMD’s founding investor, has invested including CMD and, inter alia, the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
  • Over 20 years experience managing IP issues for biotechnology and diagnostics companies
  • Former IP Director at Novartis, Dynavax, Cell Genesys, and Chiron Corporation
  • Click here for Ken Goldman's Resume

John Warner, PHD, molecular inventions and development

John Warner received his BS in Chemistry from UMASS Boston, and his PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University. After working at the Polaroid Corporation for nearly a decade, he then served as tenured full professor at UMASS Boston and Lowell (Chemistry and Plastics Engineering). In 2007 he and Jim Babcock founded the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC (A research organization developing green chemistry technologies, where he serves as President and Chief Technology Officer), and Beyond Benign (a non-profit dedicated to sustainability and green chemistry education). He is one of the two founders of the field of Green Chemistry, co-authoring the defining text “Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice” with Paul Anastas. He has published over 200 patents, papers and books. His recent work in the fields of semiconductor design, biodegradable plastics, personal care products, solar energy and polymeric photoresists are examples of how green chemistry principles can be immediately incorporated into commercially relevant applications. John received The 2004 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Mentoring, the American Institute of Chemistry's Northeast Division's Distinguished Chemist of the Year for 2002 and the Council of Science Society President's 2008 Leadership award. He also was named by ICIS as one of the most influential people impacting the global chemical industries. In 2011, he was elected a Fellow of the American Chemical Society and named one of "25 Visionaries Changing the World" by Utne Reader.  In 2014 he was elected by the American Society of Chemical Industry to be that year's recipient of the prestigious Perkin Award.   

Click here for John Warner's resume.

Joe Pont, PhD, medicinal chemistry and drug manufacture

Joe Pont was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry on June 1, 2011. Prior to his appointment, Joe served in senior R&D and commercial roles in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the US and Europe, including, immediately prior to joining WBI,  10 years with Lonza, where he served as Head of Research & Development (2008 - 2009) and Vice President of Marketing & Key Account Management (2010 - 2011). He has extensive experience leading diverse, global organizations and a substantial track record in sales and marketing. Joe holds a BS in Chemistry from Yale University and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Princeton University.


Jim Babcock, chairman

  • Founder, Cthulhu Ventures LLC, CMD’s founding investor.  As part of his role at Cthulhu Ventures, Jim serves on the boards of a number of companies in which Cthulhu Ventures has invested, including, inter alia, CMD, the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry LLC, and Collaborative Aggregates LLC
  • Previously, Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and ultimately, Chairman of Babcock & Brown, a global investment banking/funds management firm that was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and Harvard Law School (where he was a member and officer of the Harvard Law Review) and served for a year as a law clerk to Judge James R. Browning of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals         

JAMES Mccall BABcOCK, Investor Relations and Business Development

James Babcock, (JD, Harvard Law School 2014), has been involved with Cthulhu Ventures since its founding. James’s primary focus at Cthulhu to date has been in the areas of investment analysis and business development, as well as ongoing investment oversight and client/portfolio-company relationships.  In that context, James has taken on the CEO role at one of Cthulhu Ventures’ most recent start-ups, Collaborate Aggregates LLC and the business development role at CMD.


Outside Scientific Advisors

Peter Crouch, PhD

  • Advisor on biology of neurodegerative diseases with a focus on ALS/MND
  • Research Fellow, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)

Joe Beckman, PhD

  • Advisor on biology of neurodegerative diseases with a focus on ALS/MND
  • Principal Investigator and Burgess and Elizabeth Jamieson Chair in Healthspan Research, Linus Pauling Institute; Distinguished Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics; and Director, Environmental Health Sciences Center, Oregon State University (Corvallis, Oregon, USA)

Kevin Barnham, PhD

  • Advisor on neurodegerative diseases with a focus on Parkinson’s Disease
  • Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, The University of Melbourne and NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health (Melbourne, Australia)

Des Richardson, PhD

  • Advisor on thiosemicarbazone anticancer agents
  • Professor & NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, Department of Pathology, School of Medical Sciences, University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)